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Thanks for visiting.        Licensed, Bonded and Insured Insulation Contractor.

We are your local Home Energy experts with 67 combined years of experience. Providing Weather sealing, Air sealing, Insulation, Barriers, Crawl space and Attic clean-up/restoration.

We provide a Green Energy Solution utilizing the latest and safest / non-toxic Insulation technologies.

On time and on budget. 

The Radiant Barrier is your first line of defense in retaining heat in the Winter and keeping cool in the Summer.  Combined with proper Insulation and Air Sealing you can create a true Thermal Barrier making your home more comfortable and reducing energy costs. Keeping Rodents and Insects out too.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured.
Latest Energy News: D.O.E.> Recommends a Home Energy Audit before replacing your Furnace, purchasing a Heat Pump or adding insulation etc. We think this is a smart approach, if your home is leaking like a sieve your heat source won't really change anything.
     Unlike other companies and your local utility we perform a comprehensive assessment with Infrared and Ultraviolet technologies. Our 30 Point inspection typically takes 2-3 hours. We want to find out where your heat is going and how cold air is getting in. Rodent and mold scan is also provided.

You get accurate information eliminating the need to spend money on things you don't need. We provide photographic evidence of what we find.  Often the solutions are simple and inexpensive.  We have a special program for Seniors and Veterans.  To get your Free Inspection call 253-307-8980 or 360-239-7005 for Washington. Start saving money today.
For Montana call 406-490-0496.
We are Veteran Owned. On time, on budget.
( Your privacy is important so we will not give out your phone number nor will salesman call you).

Infrared signature of this home shows heat loss.
Primarily from the attic area.

Scanning interior floors and ceilings
can reveal specific areas of leakage.
Allowing for targeted measures saving you money.

UV scan will reveal areas of rodent
activity including where they are
entering the home, traveling and nesting. Proper sanitizing and sealing  of the home can stop them. 

Mold can often be found in North West attics that have poor air circulation. Our treatment is comprehensive, non-toxic and effective long term.

 The Owner's Corner:

                              My name is Victor. I have many years experience in all aspects of construction providing a wealth of information for my Customers. I am on-time, friendly and always willing to help. I hope you find my visit both informative and helpful.

Green Energy Barrier has provided many customers with an advanced attic solution. Actually developed by NASA to protect the Astronauts in Space it's now available to you and me . Installed over your attic insulation it can greatly improve your home's comfort. 

                    As seen on TV.

You can find us at your local Home Show.

Why is the inspection Free ? What's the catch ? Other companies charge$200 to $300.

Answer: There is no catch. The inspections are free as a way to give back to our community that has supported us for many years.

How does the Barrier over Insulation work ?
The key to efficiency is to keep cold air out, trap more heat in the winter.  Keeping heat out in the summer as well. Insulation and Air Sealing accomplishes part of this , the aluminum barrier does the rest.

We would be happy to share more about new Technologies and what they can do for you. Stop by our Booth or call for a Free Inspection of your home. We will make recommendations that really work.
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                                 WA: 253-307-8980
                                               MT 406-490-0496

We are finding a serious Rodent problem in Homes and have added It to our service.

Rodents, Rodents and more Rodents.  These buggers are everywhere this year. Almost every single home with a Crawl Space over 15 Years old either has them or has had them. They get in all sorts of places and like to keep warm just like you do. Possums, Raccoons, Squirrels  are also found in homes.

WE HAVE NOW ADDED THE RODENT/PEST INSPECTION AT NO CHARGE.  Fact is they are full of disease, soil everywhere and chew everything. THEY GOT TO GO !  Not only should your home be comfortable and efficient but should be Healthy too.


 Are my Local utility Energy efficiency Programs beneficial ?
Not necessarily.  The Free Light Bulbs , Energy Audits and rebates are paid for through rate increases. They are no deal (in actuality).  Your local utility is a "for profit" Company. They buy or produce energy at a low rate and sell to you at a high rate. On top of this, offering Free light bulbs and energy audits gets them in your home to sell you MORE INSULATION. Your local utility actually doesn't perform any of these services. Insulation contractors do. They make more money sending one of their authorized contractors out instead. The contractor SELLS YOU MORE INSULATION and the utility company gets a cut of the deal. The rebates are actually just discounts you can get from most anyone in the business. 
                                       But wait there's more....
The Insulation companies are in bed with the whole industry and are trying to stop newer technologies from getting into your home. They want you to just keep adding insulation every few years. Insulation Warranties actually tell you to keep adding insulation every few years. Its not really necessary and we can show you why.

SCAMS, Fluffing with air.
 The latest scam in the insulation industry is called flufle . Insulation companies will offer to add insulation in your attic to increase your insulation depth. Instead of using the required  20 bags of insulation (they blow in at normal air pressure) they will use only 10 bags but will turn up the air pressure (on their machine) to make it seem like its the same. The insulation will settle within a year or two. You didn't get what you paid for. 

Radiant Barriers with bubble or foam core scam.
  Other Companies will tell you to get the barrier with the foam or bubble core.  Incorrect and dangerous as the core will serve no benefit and only our barrier meets the stringent local fire codes. Be careful what you put in your attic.


If you spend just $125 per month heating and cooling your home, you will spend almost $20,000 over the next 10 years (if rates increase only 5% per year). Let us show you how to substantially reduce this amount.
Do you need an Energy Inspection ?

If you experience any of the following you should inquire about inspection..

Haven't had your attic or crawl space professionally inspected and tested in past 5 years or...
Uneven room temperatures ?

Hot rooms during summer ?

Drafts ?

Cold floors ?

Water stains in the ceiling ?

Noises in the walls ?

Rodents in the area ?

High heating costs ?

odors ?

Don't feel well in your home ?

Have Allergies or Asthma ?

Want to do your part In helping the environment ?

Many Home Owners spend thousands to replace their Furnace or install a Heat Pump without first assessing the home. 
A new 90% efficient Furnace / Heat Pump is not going to save you any money if the heat flows out and cold air flows in your home easily. In fact you would be throwing money away as there will not be enough savings to cover the expense over a reasonable amount of time. 
Energy Transfer:
A good example of energy transfer is to think of a Camping Cooler. If you buy a cheap Cooler without much insulation your ice will only last about a day, if you buy a good, well insulated Cooler your ice will last about 3 days. Homes are very similar to this in energy transfer. A well sealed home will hold heat and keep out cold air much longer than an unsealed home. 

Call us today 253-307-8980 Washington
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There are credits, rebates and funding available to help you.

Please browse our products page for more about the types of insulation and how they work.
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