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What our customers have to say:

   As an Engineer i know about heat transfer. These guys know what they are doing for sure . My home was loosing a lot of heat and the furnace ran all the time. My home now costs half as much to heat in the winter. Highly recommended.

                                                     J. Higgins, Edmonds, WA

   I learned so much from my energy Inspection. They showed me what i was doing right and what would save money and help the environment. The guys showed up on time what a difference. My floors are warm and the back bedroom is no longer freezing.

                                           Mary P, Billings, MT

My AC was running all the time in the summer. My bill was nuts. After they installed the Aluminum in my attic, the house temperature dropped almost 20 degrees right off the bat. Glad i did it.

                                     Frank, Boise, ID

My home was all screwed up and i had no idea. Never crawled underneath and don't like attics. Wouldn't know what i was looking for anyway. My home was built in 2005, thought the contractor did a good job. Come to find out, the insulation under the house had fallen to the ground. The insulation blown in above the house was hills and valleys and even clogging the vents. No wonder the floors were cold and the bedrooms got so hot. Thank you !  

                                                       B. Langsford, Tacoma, Wa

Living in the Seattle area we have a serious rodent problem. I had 3 companies out to tell me what's wrong and give me prices. Green Energy Solutions was the most knowledgeable and had the best price. They found a real mess in the attic and under the house. Rats were getting in through a gap in a foundation screen and climbing up a pipe to the attic. They had ruined most the insulation. These guys showed upon time and did a great job. Highly recommended.

                                                        Shelly, 4th Ave SW, Seattle

I live in Edmonds. Had a serious rat problem under my house. As a nurse I know how unhealthy this is. Had a Pest Company come and get rid of them but they left a mess and they weren't sure how they got in. Wasn't feeling good about it. I met Vic at the Everett Home Show. He came out free of charge to check things out. Found a small gap under the kitchen and through the outside wall that needed sealed and lots of insulation was contaminated. He also found they were getting in up in the attic. He promptly solved the problem. Much thanks.

                                                Marie, Edmonds, Wa.

 Text received on Vic's phone: Just a quick note, we have noticed a big difference with the Aluminum installed in the attic. Temperature more consistent and there is no dampness noted in the Spring. It has been easier to keep the house cool in this heat.

The Parsons family. Edmonds.

Awesome !!! What a bunch, from the Inspector to installation, very informative, efficient and easy to work with. Highly recommend the product and company, installers - entire package.

                           J Benz

                                       Manhattan MT

Fast , friendly and willing to make sure everything was completed to my liking.


Belgrade MT

My house was cold all the time. Vic came out, left a bid but I couldn't swing it at that time. I called a year later and he kept the same price, did a great job.

Linda. Tacoma.

Signed up for the Inspection at the Olympia Home show. Vic came out and noticed a smell in the house I couldn't smell. Guess its because I was used to it. Found rodents had gotten under the house and contaminated fallen insulation. Glad there are people like this that solve these problems. Yuk !

                                        Karen in Lacey

 This guy has a ton of experience. I am a retired contractor and just can't do things anymore. I met Vic at the Everett home show. He came out and was spot on with everything he explained. Did a very good job. Thank You.

                                                          Larry small, Marysville WA

Heard about the Radiant Barrier at another event. Mr. Porter came out and determined it would help me. Tired of cold rooms and kept hearing a noise in the wall. He took care of it. Really like the barrier. recommended

                                          Tom s from Kent

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